Q: Why do I need to paint my exterior?

A: There are several reasons why you may need to paint the exterior of your home, these include things such as cracking, peeling, or fading paint. These issues jeopardize the integrity of your home and need to be dealt with before they become too sever. Further details about common problems can be found here.  

Q: How much experience do your painters have?

A: Our painters have on average 7 years of painting experience

Q: How large are your painting crews?

A: The size of our crews will vary depending on your job. If it is on the smaller side we may only send out 1 to 2 painters. For larger jobs, crews of 4 and 5 are normal. 

Q: What can i expect when working with you all?

A: A full run through on what can be expected when working with our company can be found here

Q: Are you a Licensed Contractor?

A: Yes, we are licensed and in good standing with the state of Maryland. Our MHIC License Number is:  117898

Q: Does it matter if a painting company is licensed?

A: The state of Maryland considers painting, both interior and exterior, to be considered home improvement. Any company you are working with to paint your home should have a Maryland Home Improvement Commission License as it is required by state law. You can read more about why you should only work with license contractors on the state’s website:  https://www.dllr.state.md.us

Q: Do you Carry Insurance?

A: Yes, we carry a $1,000,000 General Liability policy. This covers things such as personal injury on the job site and property damage

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